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Learn about Ikebana. Unleashing nature's beauty in Japanese floral art. Experience the elegance of Japanese floral art in our Ikebana workshop. Dive into nature's expression through hands-on guidance, transforming each arrangement into a masterpiece. Explore key design elements, unleash your creativity, and embrace the profound beauty and harmony Ikebana offers. Ikebana is a Japanese art form that shows the beauty of nature.

What will you learn?

  • Fundamentals of freestyle Ikebana
  • Understanding the special features of materials
  • Correct plant selection with the correct rootstock
  • Ways to use materials in your designs
  • What is provided?

  • Fresh flowers and other materials from the Heronswood garden
  • Vases and tools for you to use
  • Step-by-step written instructions

You'll discover the fundamentals of Ikebana, learn ways to use materials in your designs and to explore the key design elements to unleash your own creativity in this meditative and beautiful practise. 

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Your Presenter

Azumi is an Ikebana artist and the founder of "Ikebana and Floral Art Studio" in South Yarra. Her studio offers classes and unique artistic designs deeply rooted in her appreciation for natural style and Japanese artistic aesthetics.

With over 30 years of experience in Ikebana, and mentored by her mother, an Ikebana master, Azumi has educated more than 1,000 participants, consistently receiving positive feedback. Her diverse clientele ranges from local enthusiasts to esteemed international entities, including the Australian Open, upscale Japanese dining venues, and prominent international brands.

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The Location

Heronswood is the home of The Diggers Foundation, a living catalogue of garden treasures showcasing all that can be found in Diggers Club magazines and books.

At the heart of Heronswood is a cottage garden of meandering paths and lawns, seamlessly combining edible and ornamental plantings. Australia’s first certified organic open garden, it is the place to learn about sustainable practices and the preservation of heirloom flowers and vegetables.

A working garden for gardeners, with new projects always on the go and ideas to take home to your patch. Heronswood delights throughout the changing seasons, with the warmer summer months bringing the stunning perennials into full show.

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Ikebana by Azumi

13 July 2024

Heronswood (Dromana)

Saturday 10am - 1pm

Limited tickets, don't miss out.

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