Caring for Citrus

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Having a lemon tree in the backyard was once the great Australian dream. Now we are spoilt for choice with a myriad of varieties including limes, oranges, mandarins, and blood oranges to rival the humble lemon for the pride of place.

Citrus trees are still the most popular fruit tree to grow in Melbourne but are often the ones that get the most inquiries. Whilst citrus trees are easy to grow and produce an abundant harvest in only a couple of years from planting, learning some valuable tips & tricks will ensure you reap the rewards year after year.


  • The tried & true, most popular varieties
  • Where and how to plant your citrus
  • Seasonal care
  • Pruning and shaping of citrus trees
  • Troubleshooting citrus pests, diseases, and problems
  • Managing nutrient deficiencies
  • Top tips for growing and maximising fruit production

These learnings will keep your citrus trees healthy and happy, rewarding you for years with juicy, delicious fruit.

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After twenty years working in various roles within the nursery and garden industry it was with great pleasure that Ryan came to work for the Diggers Club in mid-2018, both his and the Diggers Club’s 40th birthday.

 His connection to the club stems from his childhood where his parents were Diggers members, he fondly remembers pawing over the extensive seed catalogues of which he and his brother where allowed to make three selections each. 

The first book in his now extensive gardening library was Clive Blazey’s 1999 “The Australian Vegetable Garden-What’s new is old”. Coming to work for the Diggers Club felt somewhat of a homecoming, and it has been noted on more than one occasion that he bears a striking resemblance to the Diggers man logo. 

During his time with the Diggers Club, Ryan has been lucky enough to experience several different aspects of what Diggers do. He started at the Heronswood retail garden shop then spent time as the garden supervisor for the wonderful Heronswood gardens. He kept himself busy during lockdown as our nursery production manager, then came full circle to return to the Heronswood garden shop where he enjoys engaging with passionate gardeners daily. 

Not only does Ryan find helping others with their gardening endeavours highly satisfying, but in helping others he is also enriching his own progression as a gardener.

The Location

Heronswood is the home of The Diggers Foundation, a living catalogue of garden treasures showcasing all that can be found in Diggers Club magazines and books.

 At the heart of Heronswood is a cottage garden of meandering paths and lawns, seamlessly combining edible and ornamental plantings. Australia’s first certified organic open garden, it is the place to learn about sustainable practices and the preservation of heirloom flowers and vegetables. 

A working garden for gardeners, with new projects always on the go and ideas to take home to your patch. Heronswood delights throughout the changing seasons, with the warmer summer months bringing the stunning perennials into full show.

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Caring for Citrus

21 October 2023

Heronswood (Dromana)

Saturday 10am - 11:30am

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