Beekeeping for Beginners - Part 2: Extraction

Saturday 14th April at 2.00pm

Backyard Beekeeping culminates in the amazing reward of fresh honey, but how do you safely and successfully extract it from the hive?

In this very popular Workshop, Dan the Bee Man will discuss protective clothing and the equipment you will need to safely interact with your bees, the smoking of your bees, safely opening the hive, extracting the delicious honey, and lastly, effective storing techniques of your golden nectar...

Honey will be available to sample on the day!

Presented by Dan the Bee Man.  Dan the Bee Man has turned his hobby of beekeeping into an educational business to share the joy of beekeeping and fresh honey to people all over Australia, whilst also promoting the idea of suburban beekeeping and bringing necessary bees back into the city.

Part 1 Bee Basics, is at 11am on the same day. Bookings are taken separately.


The Garden of St Erth

189 Simmons Reef Rd, Blackwood, VIC, 3458

Bookings essential on 03 5368 6514

Diggers members: $39, non-members: $49

Workshops run for approximately 1.5 hours

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