Introduction to Permaculture - Principles and Design for Beginners

Sunday 22nd April at 2.00pm

Permaculture is a form of landscape design that follows recognised principles, while utilizing the features and patterns occurring in our natural eco-systems.

With a focus on sustainability, the ultimate goal is an energy efficient and self-supporting environment within your garden borders.

Your introduction in this workshop will be a brief history of Permaculture, while also covering the 12 key principles upon which Permaculture is based.

You will also cover some of the common motivations behind setting up a permaculture-based system, discuss site analysis and zoning, and all the basics to leave this workshop feeling enlightened and empowered to evaluate your home garden, and perhaps begin to design and implement a Permaculture-based system and environment at home.

Presented by Steve Burns. Steve has an 8 acre Permaculture property 'Chestnut Farm' in Invermay, just outside Ballarat, featuring extensive vegetable gardens, berries, and heritage fruit trees, and where he conducts Permaculture and related gardening skills workshops, as well as an annual PDC course. He also champions many local farmers markets, and founded the Ballarat Permaculture Guild in 2008. 


The Garden of St Erth

189 Simmons Reef Rd, Blackwood, VIC, 3458

Bookings essential on 03 5368 6514

Diggers members: $39, non-members: $49

Workshops run for approximately 1.5 hours

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