Olives - Grow, Harvest & Perfect your Brine

Sunday 15th April at 2pm

Easy to grow, delicious to eat, and prolific at harvest time - Olives!

Love them or hate them, they are an attractive and highly functional tree, with a fruit that can be used in a myriad of ways.

Even if you don't have one in your backyard, we all know someone with a tree bending under the weight of the usually abundant annual olive crop, with fruit crying out to be picked and enjoyed.

 Join Neil Seymour, Owner of Mount Zero Olives, in this fabulous workshop where you'll discuss all things olive!

From olive varieties to their required care, recognizing when and how best to harvest, and of course olive products, in particular how to brine your own olives at home.


Presented by Neil Seymour. Neil is the owner and Director of Mount Zero Olives, who grow and make olive-based products, bio-dynamically and sustainably, in their olive grove near the Grampians, that was planted in the 1940's. His career has taken him from orchardist to forester to open space planner, and he and his wife Jane have now spent the past 24 years nurturing the previously abandoned olive grove back into mass production and building an iconic Australian brand. 


The Garden of St Erth

189 Simmons Reef Rd, Blackwood, VIC, 3458

Bookings essential on 03 5368 6514

Diggers members: $39, non-members: $49

Workshops run for approximately 1.5 hours

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