ALL DAY INTENSIVE - Spring Vegie Patch for Beginners


Sunday 7th October at 9.30am

Want to be rewarded with growing your own food, using beautiful open pollinated heirloom vegetable seeds and seedlings, but just not sure how to get started?

Does anything compare to harvesting bountiful home-grown food from your own garden straight to the kitchen table?

Getting a backyard vegetable patch started properly can be as simple as finding a space big enough to grow your herbs and leafy greens.

Join The Diggers Club for this extremely popular all day intensive and practical workshop, and get started with the right garden 'know how' for an ongoing happy harvest!

Perfect for keen beginners and gardeners who want to turn lawn into food production.

The day will include the basics of site selection and soil preparation, based on the successful organic principles applied in Heronswood's very own Kitchen Garden.

Learn what seeds to select for the appropriate season and your home climate, and how to sow seeds and transplant your seedlings with skill.

Robyn will also cover creative crop rotation, composting, and the most effective irrigation for your situation.

The workshop will have ample time for Q&A along the way, so you can go home from this intensive workshop with the complete know how confidence to get started straight away in your own backyard.

This workshop will includes take home notes, and a 'Lunch Box' from Heronswood's Fork to Fork Restaurant. Please advise of any dietary requirements at the time of booking.


Presented by Robyn Fox. Heronswood's former Kitchen Gardener Robyn Fox is passionate about organically grown heirlooms and the wonder of growing vegetables straight from seed. A qualified chef for 12 years before gardening, Robyn is a testament to the Fork to Fork movement. 

Heronswood Gardens

105 Latrobe Parade Dromana, VIC, 3936

Bookings essential on 03 5984 7321

Diggers members: $99, non-members: $129

This All Day Workshop runs for approximately 5.5 hours, including Fork to Fork Cafe lunch box and drink.

Please advise of any dietary requirements at the time of booking.

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ALL DAY INTENSIVE - Spring Vegie Patch for Beginners

01 September 2018 09:30
Soil preparation, seed sowing and transplanting in the kitchen garden for budding gardeners.

ALL DAY INTENSIVE - Spring Vegie Patch for Beginners

07 October 2018 09:30
Soil preparation, seed sowing and transplanting in the kitchen garden for budding gardeners.
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