Winter Fruit tree pruning

Saturday 1st July at 10.30am

Winter is the perfect time to get into the orchard and tidy up your fruit trees to achieve the best possible crops over the warmer months.

No matter what fruit trees you are growing, it’s important to do some basic jobs that will keep your trees healthy. This workshop will cover tips for pruning and training, soil preparation and fertilising your orchard, pest and disease control, and other winter tasks to ensure a fruitful harvest

Presented by David Graham. Dave has worked as a curator, outdoor educator, ranger and horticulturalist during his career and considers winter fruit tree pruning one of his favourite tasks.


Diggers Garden Shop at Cloudehill

89 Olinda-Monbulk Road, Olinda, VIC, 3788

Bookings essential on 03 9751 0584

Diggers members: $29, non-members: $39

Workshops run for approximately 1.5 hours

Workshops at Cloudehill

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