Growing edible flowers for use in your home kitchen

Saturday 3rd February at 10.30am

Not just a luxury garnish, edible flowers, petals and leaves can add both colour and delicious flavour to a variety of dishes.

In this workshop learn how to grow a myriad of edible floral ingredients at home to enhance the look and flavour of your every day and more special meals, decorating dishes to make every meal a celebration! 

Learn about Root To Bloom eating; the practice of cooking with the entire plant, from the hidden root right up to the beautiful flower while also minimizing food waste.

You'll soon be leaving some of your favourite vegies to set flower and then seed, to enjoy in a different way on your table. 

Presented by Jocelyn Cross. Jocelyn, is seriously passionate about edible flowers and supplies some of Australia's best restaurants and Chef's with these gourmet culinary ingredients. Her business, Petite Ingredient in the Yarra Valley, specialises in the production of organic edible flowers and leaves for use in both home and commercial kitchens. 


Diggers Garden Shop at Cloudehill

89 Olinda-Monbulk Road, Olinda, VIC, 3788

Bookings essential on 03 9751 0584

Diggers members: $39, non-members: $49

Workshops run for approximately 1.5 hours

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