The joy and benefits of backyard poultry

Sunday 4th February at 10:30am

The habit of keeping backyard chickens is said to have begun thousands of years ago, however in more recent times, they have enjoyed a more homely environment in our residential backyards, where they, along with ducks, are not only valued for their offering of delicious eggs, but just as much for their entertainment value as beloved and useful garden pets.

This workshop will cover all you need to know to successfully integrate chooks and ducks together, and into your garden environment, including breeds, housing, space needs, feeding and nutrition, nesting, egg production, health, and their benefits as the fabulous pest controllers!

This workshop is ideal for someone just looking to start out with a handful of backyard birds, and also for those wanting to increase and perhaps diversify their current flock, and to ensure they are reaping all the benefits of their various backyard featheries! 

Presented by Clare James. Clare is a local artist and lover of backyard poultry, who draws inspiration from all the things she loves: family, animals, nature and her garden. With a true garden to table philosophy, Clare grows, preserves and eats from her garden, nurturing the connection between soil and plate.

Clare's best feathered friend Gloria the duck will be co-hosting the workshop, and is sure to keep you thoroughly entertained!


The Diggers Garden Shop at Cloudehill

89 Olinda-Monbulk Road, Olinda, VIC, 3788

Bookings essential on 03 9751 0584

Diggers members: $39, non-members: $49

Workshops run for approximately 1.5 hours

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