Potatoes: More than just a simple spud!

Sunday 17th June at 10am

They are a staple in most homes, extremely versatile in cooking, and loved by the masses when chipped, chopped, mashed, scalloped or roasted, and very easy to grow in almost any environment.

If you haven’t already, you must try growing your own potatoes, and though not overly technical to do so, there are plenty of tips and tricks from our potato expert to ensure your success, and a bountiful harvest of these delicious multi-coloured tubers at home.

We’ll cover how and when to plant, space and planting options (including directly in your garden, on a wire frame, in a large container, and using ‘tatey bags’), the many varieties, soil medium and fertility, watering and drainage, pest and disease, maturing the skin, ‘bandicooting’ your harvest, storage for both the short and long term, and general trouble-shooting to ensure a bumper crop this and every season.

Presented by Jan Beare. Jan is an accomplished gardener with a depth of knowledge that can only come with the dedication of much research and trial and error.


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