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Recipes from Andre Ursini

Caponata Locatelli


Salt eggplant and leave for 20min. After 20min squeeze out any moisture, rinse and dry.

Heat olive oil in medium pan and begin sauté onion until soft not coloured, transfer to large bowl.

Put vegetable oil into deep saucepan (no more than one third full) @150 degrees.

Add celery and fry for 1-2minutes until tender and golden, transfer to paper towel. Strain oil and return to fry pan.

Continue this process with fennel, eggplant and zucchini.

Add all vegetables to bowl along with onion and diced tomato
Tear basil leaves and add to the bowl along with rest of ingredients (saltanas, pine nuts, red wine vinegar,caster sugar, salt , pepper).

Return to pan on medium heat. Cook out until rich and flavours have unified. Adding small amount of passata and olive oil. Return to bowl.

Cover bowl while warm with cling flim and leave to infuse for 2 hours, do not refridgerate until at room temperature.

The process of covering/sweating helps to infuse the flavours, helping the flavours become more distinctive.


♦ 1 Eggplant

♦ 1 Brown onion

♦ 2 Celery stalks

♦ Half a Fennel bulb

♦ 1 Zucchini

♦ 3 Tomatoes

♦ Basil bunch

♦ Sultanas 50g

♦ Pine nuts 50g

♦ 5 Tbsp Red wine vinegar

♦ 1 Tbsp Tomato passata

♦ 1 Tbsp Caster sugar

♦ 5g Salt

♦ 5g Pepper

♦ 100ml EVO

♦ 500ml Vegetable oil

Pickle Beetroot - to - jar


Slice baby beetroots thinly on a mandaline. keeping colours separate and wiping blade to avoid bleeding colours while slicing.

Separate beetroots and place into individual t/a, put to the side.

Peel 3 pieces of orange zest with peeler, put to the side.

Using medium sauce pan heat all indgredients for pickle on medium heat until salt, honey and sugar have dissolved. Taste.

Remove pickling liquid from stove and strain solids.

Place Beetroots into sterilised jars separating beetroot into colours. Add one piece of orange rid & two fresh bay leaf to each jar.

Heat pickling liquid to 68 degrees then pour pickling liquid into jars coveiring the beetroots.

Place lid on jars. Placing lid on jar with hot liquid will seal and sterilise.


♦ 250ml White vinegar

♦ 250ml White balsamic vinegar

♦ 25g Salt

♦ 40g Sugar

♦ 75g Honey

♦ 2 Cloves

♦ 1 Star anise

♦ 3 Black peppercorns

♦ 2 Bay leaves

♦ 500ml Water

♦ 2g Chilli flakes

♦ 1 Orange

♦ 250g Yellow baby beetoot

♦ 250g Target baby beetroot

♦ 250g Purple baby beetroot

♦ 6 Bay leaves for jar

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