Why Buy Diggers Potatoes?

Disease Free, Certified Seed Potatoes - Heirloom and Gourmet Varieties

At the Diggers Club we only sell certified seed potatos that are handpicked and disease free unlike potatoes sold in supermarkets. 

From classic heirloom varieties such as Dutch Cream and Nicola  to the striking Purple Saphhire or Burgundy Blush for burst of colour in your salads and casseroles. For the ultimate stash of spuds, choose our Combo Collection of Heirloom potato varieties.

Heirloom Seed Potatoes

Mix and match individual heirlooms to suit your culinary needs. You'll find the perfect potato for roasting, frying, mashing or serving cold in a salad.

The Spunta is the perfect chip potato, while the Dutch Cream is arguably the best for mashing. If striking presentation is your aim, the Purple Sapphire and Burgundy Blush are for you. If you're an heirloom lover, why not try the  the King Edward, a potato dating back to 1902!

Browse our range heirloom and gourmet potatoes.

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Members Only Collection

Our best-selling Heirloom Collection has been especially curated for Diggers Members. Designed to produce bumper crops of homegrown potatoes, the Heirloom Collection covers all culinary bases from salads to roasting, frying to mashing. 

48 tubers and varieties includes one bag each of Kipfler, Dutch Cream, King Edward, Nicola, Sebago and Banana (which are only available in this collection). 

Shop Club Combo Heirloom Collection.

Growing Spuds In Small Spaces

Diggers' Tatey Bags are the perfect solution if you've run out of room or live in a restricted space.

Simply plant your seed potatoes in this UV-stable grow bag and use a free draining compost or potting mix combined with straw. There are three collections - Nicole, Kipfler and King Edward - each collection includes two grow bags, eight tubers, and a planting guide.

Shop our Tatey Collections now.

Vegetable Gardening

The Diggers Club knows all about growing vegetables. We've created this fact sheet on growing vegetables to help you get started. Learn about site and soil preparation, what to grow and the importance of soil nutrients.

If you're just starting out, or want to ensure you select the best potatoes for your region, then a review of our growing zone maps is essential. 

Check your growing zone now.

Shop Potatoes: Heirloom and Organic Varieties

Shop our full range of certified seed potatoes; mix and match to suit your cooking needs. Or, shop two of our most popular spuds, Dutch Cream and Nicola.

How to plant potatoes

Growing Potatoes

Our Potatoes Fact Sheet contains all the tips and tricks you need to grow a bumper crop of spuds! From tatey bags and framing, through to direct planting, soil, harvesting and more. 

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Potato Growing Tips

♦ Choose an area that gets full sun and is not too far away from your house. The mid-winter dash to the vegie patch will be easier! 

♦ A good, healthy soil is the foundation to success so focus on improving the soil before you do any plantings. 

♦ Know what to sow, when to sow and how. Every vegetable seed has its own growing requirements. Choose the right potatoes to sow by first checking your growing zone using our Seeds To Sow Now Guides for cool, warm, hot, subtropical and tropical zones.

Get detailed growing tips and information on our Potatoes Fact Sheet.

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2yr membership +FREE vegie seeds
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