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Please know that we are experiencing delays in despatching orders. Learn more.

Lettuce 'Heirloom Mix'

Grow your own Heirloom Seedlings

Congratulations on purchasing Diggers heirloom seedlings. Our range is selected especially for home gardeners, for the best flavour, highest yield,and long harvest times. Our varieties have been grown and selected over many generations, so by growing our selections you are ensuring these beautiful food and flowers remain in circulation, and commercial varieties and  genetically modified products remain out of our backyards forever!

The Diggers Club - Heirloom Selections


Prefering a slightly alkaline soil, like other members of the cabbage family, broccoli is easy to grow, and if you plant the sprouting varieties, they can be continually harvested for up to 3 months.


Plant in a fertile, moist soil. Kale grows best during the cooler months, there are also fewer white cabbage butterflies around at that time, which lay their eggs on brassicas, when the caterpillars hatch they devour the leaves.


Plant 60cm apart for early crops then 45cm apart for later crops. Plants should receive a continuous supply of moisture because dry conditions can cause them to bolt to seed early.


Spinach appreciates being sown after peas or beans for the most delicately flavoured leaves. Partial shade in hot weather can extend the harvest period by discouraging it from bolting.


This is a perennial (meaning it will come back every year) so plant in a seperate bed and for the best 'hearts' harvest the buds in spring when the stem below the bud is still pliable. The stem is also delicious peeled and cooked. 

Capsicums & Chillies

Capsicums need heat, so in cooler areas start them indoors and and plant out as advanced seedlings when the risk of frost has passed. Choose a warm sunny spot and cultivate deeply. Harvest regularly to increase vigour. 


Cucumbers are a naturally sprawling vine which can also be grown up a teepee, trellis or pot to save space. Keep well watered and plant in a well ventilated and sunny spot. Pick regularly, as soon as they are an edible size, to encourage flowers


Eggplants require more heat than tomatoes but similar growing conditions. being slow growing, they require a long hot growing season. For maximum yield, pick the fruit as soon as it is ripe - when the skin is easily indented when light pressure is applied.


Most tomatoes need staking, plant 1m apart and prune leaves and fruit away from the soil. Water at the base of the plant and mulch to prevent water splases and the spread of soil bourne diseases. 


These fast-growing annuals should be planted after all risk of frost has passed. Mulch thoroughly, they are shallow rooted and easily damaged, pick daily for highest yields. 


The best lettuces are grown fast. Grow them in beds that have just been vacated by peas or beans as all leaf crops. Loose soil with plenty of organic matter will retain moisture and added potash will see them grow without check.


All onions require rich, well drained soil.  It is essential to keep onions weed free. Harvest onions grown for their bulbs (not spring onions) when the leaves wither and collapse.


Beetroot prefers a rich soil, with plenty of well rotted compost dug in. Drainage is important, as is a pH of 6.5-7, so add some lime or dolomite if needed. They tolerate salty conditions. 


Pumpkins need a long warm season, deep organic soils and plenty of water. Harvest when the stems turn woody and the skin has hardened. Carefully cut from the vine with secateurs leaving the last 5cm of stalk attached. 


When you try one of our heirloom melons, grown in your own backyard and fully ripened by the summer sun, you will be blown away!


Plant into warm soil and water well. Our heirloom varieties are ready to pick in just 60 days when they are small and tender, pick often for the table and they will produce all summer long.

Your FREE downloadable vegie garden!

We have designed two simple vegie patches to feed your whole family using Diggers heirloom seedlings, available from your local nursery outlet. Mix and match varieties to the ones that suit your family, and you’ll soon be harvesting the best in cool season vegies! 

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Grow Your Own

Care for your seedlings

Growing heirloom vegetables and flowers from seedlings is simple and easy. Here are some tips to get your seedlings off to the best start possible.

Soil Preparation. Your soil should be soft enough to poke your finger easily into the ground. Add compost and well-rotted manure to build fertility.

Position.All annual vegetables and flowers need sun to perform at their best. Pick a spot that gets at least 6 hours of direct sunshine per day. try to rotate your beds each season. At it's most basic try to grow a above ground crop following a below ground (root) crop.

Handling Your Seedlings. Handle by the leaves as much as possible, disturb the delicate root-ball as little as possible. A quick dunk in a seaweed solution will help the seedlings settle.

Planting.After dunking the seedling make a hole slightly larger than the root ball. Don't plant too deep, the soil should be the same level as the soil level from the pot. Firm the soil around the plant and create a slight dish-shaped depression about 10cm accross by firming down with your hands.

Watering. Water gently (a cup or two is fine), as the days warm up and the plant grow increase water supply.

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2 year membership + Free Seed Sowing Poster and 2 seed packets
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