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Workshops at Heronswood

Winter Fruit Tree Care

06 August 2017 10:00
Learn fruit tree management for successful fruit production.

Heirloom Seed Sowing for Spring

20 August 2017 10:00
Seed sowing made easy. Enjoy growing your delicious summer vegetables from seed.

Starting your backyard vegie patch

03 September 2017 09:30
Want to start an abundant vegetable patch but not sure how? This intensive all day workshop will get you started to harvest your own fresh produce at home.

Beekeeping for beginners - Part 1 Bee Basics

16 September 2017 10:00
Get buzzing with the the wonders of beekeeping. Increase your fruit and vegetable harvest with the help of pollinators in your backyard.

Beekeeping for beginners - Part 2 Bee Basics

16 September 2017 13:00
Sweet as honey? Reap the pleasures of beekeeping with the skills to extract honey from a hive.

Workshops in Adelaide

Spring seed sowing

20 August 2017 10:00
Start from the beginning … take a packet of seeds and turn them into the most wonderful crop!

Backyard chooks

20 August 2017 12:00
Integrating chickens to your garden can be very beneficial. Learn how to make the most of it.

Backyard Bees

17 September 2017 10:00
What's not to love? Bees, honey, pollination. The perfect garden companions!

Companion planting for a healthy garden

17 September 2017 12:00
Learn how to grow pest repellent plants as well as plants that attract predators into your garden. The perfect companions for a healthy garden.

All About Tomatoes

15 October 2017 10:00
Everything you need to know to grow your own tomatoes right through summer and beyond.

Using Herbs for our health

15 October 2017 12:00
Explore the world of herbs and learn how they can help our bodies stay strong and healthy.

Learn how to Espalier

19 November 2017 10:00
Listen to our Diggers expert on all things espalier, an ancient form of tree pruning. This one books out early so don’t miss out!

Growing Subtropicals

19 November 2017 12:00
Grow your own piece of tropical paradise with lush, bold foliage and exotic sub-tropical fruits.

Workshops at St Erth

Simple and delicious raw soups

13 August 2017 11:00
You have probably never thought that raw vegan soups can be delicious. BUT.....The 'Simple & Delicious Raw Soups' workshop will prove to you that raw vegan soups can be incredibly delicious and also easy to prepare.

Bush regeneration

27 August 2017 11:00
Come and learn how to re vegetate your native bush garden! Why? to improve the biodiversity which in turn will help keep pests at bay!

Vegetable gardens all year round

10 September 2017 11:00
Learn how to avoid gluts and have a steady supply of food through successive planting, crop rotation, using cold frames and hot houses and making the most of your local climate.

Wicking Beds

24 September 2017 11:00
Wicking Beds are becoming very popular as a water efficient and attractive way to grow your own vegies.

Seed sowing for beginners

08 November 2017 11:00
Seed sowing for beginners

Workshops at Cloudehill

Permaculture Design

05 August 2017 10:30
Join The Perma Pixie as she explains what Permaculture is, and how you can apply it to landscapes, buildings and social structures. The presentation will cover the main topics of Design process for landscapes and will also relate it to lifestyle design.

Medicinal Gardening

05 August 2017 13:00
The Perma Pixie will share Permaculture design and implementation techniques, information on the growing, harvesting and drying of herbs.

Cider Making

02 September 2017 10:30
Pete the Permie will take you through the process of making your own delicious cider, from choosing the correct fruit varieties to grow, caring for your trees and making your own cider.

Everything you need to know about Fruit trees

02 September 2017 13:00
This class covers the BASICS, all about the Species, variety selection, grafting, rootstock selection for your conditions. Grafting techniques for new trees or add more to your existing ones.

Backyard chooks

07 October 2017 10:30
Come to Cloudehill and learn how to select the appropriate breed for your needs and circumstances, coops designed for urban environments so they look good while keeping the predators out, and lots of good practical advice to ensure your chook experience.

Permaculture principles: keeping small animals

07 October 2017 13:00
Explore the benefits and challenges of keeping small animals in your garden, including quail, guinea pigs and poultry, and what to consider before bringing them home.

All About Organic Fertilizers

04 November 2017 10:30
Come and learn all about Organic Fertilizers what they are, their uses and their different applications. When to use in the garden for optimum growth and success.

All you need to know about growing tomatoes

04 November 2017 13:00
We invite you to come to our ‘All you need to know about growing tomatoes’ workshop on the Melbourne Cup holiday weekend. This is the traditional tomato planting time in Melbourne.

Understanding Soil Fertility

02 December 2017 10:30
Come along and join Tomas today as he actively shares his knowledge with us on how to increase soil health and fertility, for successfully growing a broad range of crops at home.

Cut flowers from your garden

02 December 2017 13:00
Who doesn’t want a garden full of gorgeous flowers! They bring so much colour and joy, and attract beneficial insects and pollinators into your garden.

Sharpen your skills... Diggers monthly workshops.

Diggers garden workshops are held each month at Heronswood, St Erth, Cloudehill and Adelaide. Workshops focus on a wide range of essential gardening topics, techniques and skills, as well as on specific plants and tasks to suit the season.

They are led by our garden experts and special guests.

How to book

Bookings are essential for each workshop and can be made by calling our Garden Shops.

Heronswood (03) 5984 7321

St Erth (03) 5368 6514

Cloudehill (03) 9751 0584

Adelaide (08) 8232 8671

Standard workshops run for 1 to 1.5 hours with time to ask our experts specific questions. Advanced workshops run for a minimum of 2.5 hours.

Standard workshops are $29 for members and $39 for non-members. Advanced workshop prices vary - see individual advanced workshop information for details.

Bookings are not refundable within 7 days of any workshop.

What our members say

Cider making and permaculture
Cloudehill, Jan '15

"It was a great introduction and I enjoyed being able to meet the presenter. Want to do more! Lynne."

Growing vegetables all year round
St Erth, Jan '15

"Grace was fabulous - her knowledge was conveyed clearly. Fantastic seminar! M. Cooper."

Growing perennial vegetables
St Erth, July '15

"I love the fact that St Erth's workshops are very flexible. Presenters are always willing to answer my gardening questions."

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