Diggers 2018 Autumn Fruit Magazine

In this issue:

♦ We bring you 40 years of Diggers best garden ideas, revisiting stories about the carbon cycle, slow food, climate change and dwarf fruit trees.

♦ Marcelle Swanson interviews Louis Glowinski about growing fruit trees in the backyard.

♦ Kevin Redd talks about vegie gardening from Alaska to the Sunshine Coast.

Plus Dear Diggers, our members-only free seed offer, Diggers Speedings, berries, avocados, stone fruit, dwarf apples and pears, herbs, perennial vegies and eight pages of heirloom seeds.

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Clive Blazey explains why conservatives by definition resist change – climate change

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A movement to counteract the fast food mentality

Vegie gardening from Alaska to the Sunshine Coast

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Dwarf fruit trees: quick to harvest

Fruit expert Bob Magnus explains how to espalier fruit in 10m2 and cut harvest from 8 to 2 years

Growing 200 fruit trees in your backyard

Marcelle Swanson visits inner-city fruit grower and author Louis Glowinski
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