Diggers Spring Flower Garden 2017 Magazine

In this issue:

♦ Clive Blazey introduces an oasis of green in the bush and describes his passion for plants.

♦ Stephen Forbes reflects on his experience as the Director of the Botanic Gardens of South Australia.

♦ Keith Edwards explains his inspirations for landscape design.

♦ Bill Bampton talks about gardening in the shade.

Plus Marcelle Swanson talks indoor plants, there is a word from the Editor about the Wollemi Pine, plus our fabulous ranges of tomato and perennial SPEEDINGS, the best in summer flowering perennials, exotic edibles, must-have herbs and lush, green foliage plants.

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A brief reflection

Stephen Forbes (a Diggers Director) shares his experience as the former Director of the Botanic Gardens of South Australia

An oasis of green in the bush

Clive Blazey introduces this secluded getaway, not far from Daylesford and Ballarat

Designing landscapes

The Diggers Club's in-house designer Keith Edwards explains how he designs

Gardening In The Shade

Bill Bampton discusses creating a shade garden

Indoor plants

Growing indoor plants is accessible to gardeners of all levels of expertise — even a total novice!

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A unique coloured French Marigold. Vanilla cream flowers on a bushy plant that flowers all through summer. They are perfect for planting in containers or in the front of a garden bed to attract beneficial insects to your garden.

Lavender grosso

The most fragrant of all the lavenders, GROSSO produces an abundance of violet-blue spikes with a high oil content. This is the classic lavender for perfume, decorating the French countryside where it is farmed en- masse. Grosso is heat, drought and frost tolerant and adored by bees.

Clivia 'Towards White'

Yellow Clivias were until recently very rare; now they are more plentiful. Breeders are however always looking to further develop the flower. With yellows the quest is on to produce ever darker yellows at one end of the spectrum and ever paler ones at the other. The new strain 'Towards White' has been produced by carefully selecting the palest cream plants as parents and making hand pollinations between them. Maybe a pure white may be amongst the offspring.
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