Diggers 2017-18 Heirloom Annual

Our 2017 Heirloom Seed Annual available through our online shop or via a free digital download takes you behind the scenes in our trial gardens and taste tests, explaining how we maintain heirloom seed integrity and pick the best tasting varieties for Diggers members.

Download your free copy of the 2017 Seed Annual.

Heirloom seeds are a gardener's inheritance and our annual seed directory rovides you with a comprehensive A-Z of vegetable seed selections plus, fruits, flowers, herbs, potatoes and edible plants.  With information about The Diggers Club's trials and taste tests, handy propagation equipment, gardening books and bulk and organic seed lists, it's the must-have seed-sowing directory for the whole year!  Join the club here to get your copy or download your free digital copy here

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An exclusive Digger's mix exploding with colours from red to white and purple to yellow. Succulent and sweet, these carrots hold their colour when cooked, adding an exciting dimension to meals and salads.


Green, yellow and red ribbed leaves make a colourful addition to salads, while their roots provide a unique sweet taste. Includes Chioggia, Globe, Golden and White Blankoma.


It seems impossible to only grow one variety with the iconic joy Sunflowers bring to the summer garden. Why not grown a small field with the wonder and diversity of Sunflowers from the multi-stemmed and rich Prado Red, the iconic single stemmed Van Gogh, ethereal Moonwalker and the colossal Giant Russian. All sunflower wishes and dreams are covered in this comprehensive collection. Contains four individual seed packets.
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Bright, violet-blue flowers, each with a white central eye, adorn this cranesbill for months on end. Delicate, red veins radiate outward into each petal. Come early spring, beautiful lobed foliage emerges, forming a neat, low mound. Flowers are soon produced and will extend throughout autumn after a light trim in summer. A perfect choice for pla...
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This rare climber just loves the heat. Huge frilly heads of lavender flowers cover it for five months and are dramatically framed by glossy leaves. Plant beside a north-facing wall in the south where it's deciduous. Evergreen in the subtropics.
Member $19.95
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2yr membership + FREE garlic
2yr membership + FREE garlic
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Get a free bag of Early Purple garlic, valued at $10.95. This is a great way to save and start growing your own delicious garlic. Available whilst stocks last.
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