Diggers Summer Garden 2017 Magazine

In this issue:

♦ Clive talks about lush green summer gardens and gardening by the sea.

♦ We visit the inspiring gardens created by Bill Henson, Sammy Clayton and Andrew Carpenter.

♦ Bill Bampton explains some common mistakes made when watering your garden and how to avoid them.

Plus we introduce Mechai Viravaidya and Thailand's 'Bamboo School', our new Garden Shop at Heronswood 'The Folly' is open for business, and we bring you the best drought tolerant heirloom plants, fruits, seeds and bulbs for this time of year.

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Lush inner city garden

Clive talks to artist Bill Henson, a lover of beauty in all its forms

Coastal Gardens

Clive Blazey explains which drought-tolerant plants cope in salty, windswept conditions

Ultra-cool succulents for colour

Clive introduces Andrew Carpenter...

Gardening with succulents

Sammy Clayton creates an inspiring ‘flower free’ garden in just five years

Heronswood (Australia)

Is Heronswood one of the world's finest gardens?

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A cool selection of agave with an icy-silver margin on the leaf giving this tough summer performer an edge in the garden. Agaves are the easiest of plants to grow and provide a `set-and-forget' textural focus either in a garden bed or as a feature in a container or pot.


This rare climber just loves the heat. Huge frilly heads of lavender flowers cover it for five months and are dramatically framed by glossy leaves. Plant beside a north-facing wall in the south where it's deciduous. Evergreen in the subtropics.
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Agastache & coneflower duo - 6 plants
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Bright, violet-blue flowers, each with a white central eye, adorn this cranesbill for months on end. Delicate, red veins radiate outward into each petal. Come early spring, beautiful lobed foliage emerges, forming a neat, low mound. Flowers are soon produced and will extend throughout autumn after a light trim in summer. A perfect choice for pla...
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