Diggers Late Spring Garden 2016 Magazine

In the late spring issue:

♦ Clive Blazey introduces us to the Tolleys, Australia's citrus gurus.

♦ Tont Fawcett shares some words of wisdom from three up-and-coming gardeners.

♦ Clive Blazey explains why processed and fast foods are making us sick.

♦ Bill Bampton outlines the eight beginner's mistakes to avoid in the garden.

Plus news on the upcoming Botanic and Rare Plant Fair, heirloom tomato and vegetable speedings, Diggers Citrus selections, backyard fruits and berries and essential vegie garden hardware.

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Clive Blazey explains why processed and fast foods are making us sick

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You've never seen or tasted anything like this! White flesh with red seeds, this is the back-to-front strawberry that looks like someone cooked it up in the lab. The truth is these are related to the original wild white strawberries from South America, reintroduced through modern breeding programs. Smaller than our common reds, these unique fruits have a sweet pineapple flavour that will intrigue your palette. Plant with `Alinta', `Kamu', `Chandler' or `Muskberry' as it needs a pollinating partner.
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