Early Spring Garden 2015 Magazine

In this issue:

♦ Tim Entwisle, Director of the Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria, introduces us to five plants that could save the world.

♦ Bill Bampton, the head gardener at Heronswood, talks about creating an edible landscape.

♦ Evette Jungwirth, our Seed Manager, answers your questions about succeeding with seeds!

♦ TV presenter and author Indira Naidoo relates her adventures in gardening on her inner city balcony.

Plus Bernadette Brady explains why gardening is good for you, Dear Diggers, summer perennials to survive El Nino, new herb, flower and tomato seedlings, berries, fruit and seeds to sow now!

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Five Plants That Could Save The World

Tim Entwisle tells us how plants may provide the solutions to pollution and resource shortages

Creating an Edible Landscape

Bill Bampton talks about the challenges of combining beauty and functionality in the garden

Q&A - Seeds

Seed manager Evette Jungwirth answers your questions about growing from seed successfully

Spring Gardening

Bernadette Brady recommends getting your hands dirty with some tasks in the spring garden

Growing Your Own in the Edible City

Indira Naido relates her adventures in gardening on her inner city balcony

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A yellow variation on the traditional red raspberry. Digger's Gold brings a golden glow to summer desserts. This dual cropping raspberry produces sweet, soft berries in time for Christmas and then another delicious crop in autumn.


Originally selected from a chance seedling at Heronswood, this echium is covered with tall candle-like spikes of cool sky-blue in spring. Ideal for attracting bees to your garden to increase pollination of all your fruiting plants. Adds drama to the dry garden with minimal care - simply cut back after flowering to keep a compact shape.
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The Two Muscatels Grape Collection
A duo of our most popular muscat grape varieties. Suited to eating as both a table grape, or used to make highly aromatic wine, this white and black combo is the perfect partnership for your garden and table. Includes one plant of Gordo Blanco and one plant of Black Muscat. The perfect duo for covering a trellis, arbour or pergola.
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Edible flowers tick all the boxes. They bring colour, flavour and vitality to the plate and to your garden. And the selection we offer here are all fun and easy to grow too. The collection includes Borage for sensational ice cubes for summer Pimms, Calendula for the soft orange petals to spark up salads, Nasturtium for its warm spicy leaves, Mar...
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2yr membership +FREE vegie seeds
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