Diggers Spring Garden 2013 Magazine

In this issue:

♦ Part 4 of Bill Bampton's series on understanding the life of plants is about plant forms and life cycle, and Part 5 covers nutrition in the garden.

♦ Citrus expert Ian Tolley answers our readers' questions.

♦ Heronswood restaurant manager David Weill takes an addictive journey to the home of slow food.

♦ Kitchen gardener Caromy Macdougal explains some common tomato growing problems.

Plus teaching your kids where food comes from, starting your first food garden, Dear Diggers, plus heirloom seedlings fruits and flowers.

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Q&A - Citrus

Citrus expert Ian Tolley answers your questions about citrus trees and fruit

Pumpkins Better Than Butternut

Evette Jungwirth ponders on producing the perfect pumpkin

Start Your First Food Garden

Bernadette Brady encourages you to start your own vegie garden

Tomato Growing Problems

Caromy MacDougall explains some common tomato growing problems and how to minimise them

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