Diggers Autumn Garden 2013 Magazine

In this issue:

♦ Part 1 of Bill Bampton's series on the lives of plants is 'The sun - Source of life's energy'.

♦ Jeremy Francis takes us through the seasons at Cloudehill.

♦ Clive Blazey gives his tips on creating a beautiful flower garden in a 5 part series.

♦ Hugh Hunkin talks about soils and organics.

♦ Tim Sansom shows you how to have flowering sweet peas for 9 months of the year.

Plus Dear Diggers, a huge selection of perennial flowers, fruits, berries and seeds for autumn.

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Cloudehill (Olinda, Australia)

Owner and garden creator Jeremy Francis takes us through the four seasons at Cloudehill

The Soil Food Web

Hugh Hunkin explains how our lives depend on microscopic creatures

Sunlight and Plants

Bill Bampton talks about the source of life's energy and its impact in the garden

Sweet Peas

Tim Sansom explains how to provide the heavenly scent of Sweet Peas for 9 months of the year

Creating a Beautiful Flower Garden

Clive Blazey explains the basic do’s and don’ts of flower gardening to help you succeed

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