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Updates on order delivery and store closures. Learn more.

Seedling Care

Tips on caring for your vegetable and flower seedlings

Growing heirloom vegetables and flowers from our mini seedlings is simple and easy. Here are some tips to get your seedlings off to the best start possible.

Soil preparation

Young plants, especially vegetable seedlings, need the best possible soil you can give them to succeed. Your soil should have some well-rotted compost and manure dug into to build fertility. Products like Biochar and Rockdust; are excellent additives to complete the nutrient and trace elements available to your new plants. Your soil should be soft enough so you can poke your finger easily into the ground.


All annual vegetables and flowers need sun to perform at their best so make sure the spot you have picked gets at least 6 hours of direct sunshine in the summer months.

It is also best to rotate your tomato patch each year, to prevent any build up of disease carrying pathogens in the soil.

Handling your mini-seedlings

Handle your seedling plugs by the stem as much as possible to avoid disturbing the delicate root-ball. The roots are primed and ready to establish in you garden bed and they will perform better the less they are disturbed. A quick dunk in a seaweed solution such as Ocean Brew will help your seedlings settle in and get off to a good start.


After dunking the plug, make a hole in the soil with your finger or a ‘dibbler’ stick and simply place the root-ball into the hole.

Don’t plant too deep; the soil level should be the same level as the soil level from the plug. Firm the soil around the newly planted plug to ensure good contact with your well-prepared soil. You should create a slight dish-shaped depression about 10cm across by firming the soil down with you hand.


Use the seaweed solution to water in your seedling. You won’t need more than a cup or two of water for this first watering. Don’t over water. Remember you seedling is only small and has not yet developed many roots.

As it grows and the days warm up you should increase the water supply.



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