Dear Diggers (Autumn Flower 2017)

Contributions and feedback from our readers

The Opinionated Gardener

Dear Clive, please continue to be an “opinionated gardener”. Humanity needs you, and all life on this planet needs you. We need people with a voice, with access to a large readership, to bluntly and truthfully inform us of the facts of anthropogenic climate change and other environmental damage.

We need people like you to stand as a counterpoint to all the misinformation, diversions and stalling tactics of those in power who are ideologically driven and influenced by greed. These people care not a jot for the difficulties that, due to their inaction, will be faced by future generations of humans and most other species on the planet as a result of global warming. You know who I’m talking about — coalition extreme right-wingers, companies (mostly foreign) who profit from the burning of fossil fuels, the Institute of Public Affairs, shock jocks with huge audiences, and other individuals who flat out deny that humans are causing any degradation of our Earth and its atmosphere ...

Keep up the good work, and happy gardening.

Craig H.

Dear Mr. Blazey, what a refreshing voice you are. Each quarter I do look forward to receiving our Diggers magazine, and your editorial never disappoints. I feel the frustration you feel, having a dedicated gardener as a partner, who insists on turning his own compost (none of that barrel turning for him), finding the correct balance in the soil, rotating the garden beds — we both find it’s just appalling to see the effect of the multinationals in our food supply.

I am the (new elected) mayor of the Bass Coast Shire, and we are struggling with a number of issues ...

I want to congratulate you on your wonderful writings, which have the support of so many people I talk to. There is a silent group out there who is with you every step of the way.

Pamela R.

Dear Clive, please do your utmost to persuade the maximum possible number of people to be “Opinionated gardeners”. We're doomed without them ... You have the right to stand proud.
Irene M.

Dear Clive, I enjoy reading your magazine. I see you as an ally against the prevailing orthodoxy of native gardening as a sort of moral virtue, regardless of the evident shortcomings of this style of gardening (if it can be called that) ...

However, I must disagree with your characterisation of Trump in your recent editorial. Surely it is the left of politics that champions the idea that “What's yours is mine?”

While the disparity in the distribution of wealth is too great, it would be more correct to characterise Hillary Clinton, rather than Trump, as a creature of Wall Street ...

I urge people to withhold judgement until they see the detail and implementation of Trump's policies.

Stuart B.

Dear Stuart, thanks so much for your email. I suppose as one disillusioned with unbridled capitalism and equally frustrated with the lack of trust which continually leads to lowest common denominator outcomes in the public sector, one assumes there is another solution.
We try to achieve the best of both worlds at Diggers by setting up a charitable Garden Trust to preserve our historic houses and gardens and by establishing a profit sharing scheme to split 25% of our Diggers Club profits to staff. Since the recent collapse of trust in the Church as our guiding moral compass and our pathetic political leadership this recent moral malaise leaves little hope for social and ethical redirection.
With our planet on the brink of ecological disruption and a ruling political class of conservatives incapable of either understanding or even facilitating change, I suppress my frustration by focusing on nature's great beauty rather than the narcissism of Homo sapiens. Yours, Clive

Dear Clive, may I suggest that your article should be sent to individual MPs, so that each gets a copy of at least the salient points. Political will to effect change lags behind public alarm at what is happening.

The more information available to and acted upon by pollies the better. Your article is one more voice of an alarmed person who has quite a big constituency. I hope you will use the email or social media to forward your article to all pollies, both Federal and State.

Laele P.

Dear Clive, rest assured your opinionated self has questioned the status quo and thank goodness for that.

The opinionated person, with a knowledge–base, is an educator. I have learnt a lot about gardening from Diggers magazines so keep up the opinions. I noticed you often publish different views to your own. This shows you are not a “Know-all”.

Kathy M.

Reversing Emissions

Thanks for all your great work. Your “Gardening missteps” article (Summer 16/17) resonated with me, particularly your 20 year campaigns against corporate seed control ...

Could Diggers help this campaign by refusing to talk about CO2 stabilisation and balance and instead talk about reversing global warming, net negative emissions and cooling the globe? If we don’t achieve these three goals we will hit the 4-6 degree targets through the breakdown of natural systems like the current permafrost melt and loss of north pole summer ice, and if this happens there will be unacceptable cascading social and ecological failures.

Adrian W.

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