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Question about your order? See our COVID 19 Update here. Online orders are currently only open to members only. Orders are taking a minimum of 3 - 4 weeks to despatch based on current reduced-workplace COVID restrictions. Our response times to email and phone messages are between 10-15 business days.


Proud and bold, there seems to be no other annual flower which can compare to the iconic status of sunflowers. In name and nature they capture the colour and essence of summer.

Gardening with Sunflowers

With their abundant blooms and tough character, sunflowers are a multi-purpose summer annual. Often grown for their quick dramatic architecture, these striking blooms bring excitment within a season, and make a cheery cut flower which are perfect to share with friends and family. Sunflowers are beloved by families as they grow at a rapid rate, quickly towering over children. 'Giant Russian' is one sunflower variety that has often been utilised for growing competitions in school kitchen gardens and world record attempts. Despite their large stature, this is one of the fastest growing annual flowers, reaching a staggering height within 60 days of sowing, making it the perfect decorative solution for both screening and colour. Single sunflowers can appear to be a bit lost in a garden and can find themselves a bit top heavy as often the stems are unable to support the weight of the flower. Conversely, when grown as a group, these plants can assist in supporting their neighbours. Strength in numbers as they say.

Sunflowers: Benefits Beyond Beauty

Sunflowers have the added ecological benefit of being favoured by bees and other pollinators. All varieties have spectacular flowers and the seeds can be easily saved for next season, eaten as a roasted snack, or fed to happy chickens. The 'Giant Russian' sunflower is the most productive variety for sunflower seeds and their massive flowers heads are bigger than a dining plate. 

Choosing a Sunflower Variety

Sunflowers are generally classified into two groups depending on the number of blooms they will produce in a season. Single-headed or branched sunflowers are typically quite a large plant and will produce one substantial hero flower. Single-headed sunflowers are recognised by their height and straight thick stems. Multi-headed or branched sunflowers are the best variety for a long flowering season with multiple blooms. Multi-headed varieties will continue to flower throughout the season as flowers are cut or deadheaded. Though the blooms are smaller on multi-headed varieties, they flower throughout a longer season and are favoured by gardeners.    

Single-Headed Sunflower Collections

Sunflower ‘Giant Russian’

Giant is no understatement for this colossal 3m tall sunflower with huge golden-yellow heads up to 50cm across. The best sunflower variety for edible seeds and for introducing children to gardening. Plus it recycles on to feed the chooks!

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Sunflower ‘Double Dazzler’

A stunning heirloom Sunflower variety that produces multiple large double golden flower heads. The flowers are so tightly packed with petals that they appear almost fuzzy. A striking addition to the vegie patch or cut flower garden.

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Sunflower ‘Van Gogh’s Landscape’

Create the perfect Van Gogh landscape with these tall statuesque single-stemmed Sunflowers. These large traditional golden flowers with strongly-curved petals take 10-11 weeks to flower and last for 6 days in a vase. A wonderful cut flower.

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Multi-headed Sunflower collections

Sunflower ‘Prado Red’

Exclusive to Diggers and one of our most popular sunflowers, Prado Red produces large flowers that are a velvety mid-red to fiery-orange, fading to yellow for up to 2 months, with at least 10 flower heads per plant

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Sunflower ‘Moonwalker’

A tall multi-branching sunflower with very pretty butter-yellow flowers that fade to a pale-lemon as they age. The height and width make it a good summer screening plant. Some natural variation occurs within this variety. 2.5m

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Sunflower ‘Evening Sun’

A unique sunflower which brings the whole spectrum of a setting sun. This multi-headed sunflower proudly stands blooms with shades of oranges and bronze through to reds. Repeat flowers if the spent blooms are deadheaded regularly throughout the season. 2m

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Sunflower ‘Lemon Queen’

A noble abundance of sweet pale-lemon sunflowers are produced on multiple stems. Lemon Queen stands tall in the summer sun. Favoured by bees and pollinators. Some natural variance may occur within the open-pollinated variety.

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Sunflower ‘Teddy Bear’

Unlike any other sunflower,Teddy Bear produces unusual fluffy spheres of deep-gold on a strong branching plant. Flowers for up to 2 months and is a real favourite with children and birds! A compact sunflower for pots.

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Sunflower ‘Italian White’

An enchanting branching sunflower with dark chocolate-coloured centres and white petals. These multi-headed flowers are not suitable for vases but last for 2-3 months in the garden. Plant among pastel perennials for maximum impact. 1.4m.

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Bright, bold and colourful, sunflowers are a beautiful and vibrant addition to any garden.
Browse our range of sunflowers here. 

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Growing Sunflowers from seed

Sunflowers are easy to grow and a great variety to get started with as a beginner or developing gardener. They thrive in most climates in Australia and require little attention if the soil is prepared well. As their name suggests, sunflowers are indeed sun lovers and need a full sun position in a protected garden. 

Easily handled, the large seeds can be directly sown into a prepared garden bed if the soil has warmed at the start of summer. Quick to germinate, when seedlings have grown their second set of leaves they are ready to be acclimatised outside or hardened off before transplanting in a couple of weeks later. 

Sunflowers are heavy feeders and will benefit from liquid fertiliser. Some of the more delicate single-headed varieties will require additional support and will benefit from staking. Once established they are a tough garden plan which will thrive with minimal attention.     

Sunflowers for cut flowers

Sunflowers are show stoppers in any flower arrangement. To extend the longevity of a sunflower in a vase, harvest as soon as the first set of petals starts to unfurl and remove any leaves on the stem below the flower before placing in cool water. 

Collecting Sunflower Seeds

To collect the seeds for seed saving or a snack, allow the flower to slowly ripen on the stem before cutting and storing in a cool dry location to complete the drying process. On cutting, place the flowerhead in a fabric or paper bag and tie closed on the flower stem. Hang this bag on a ventilated rack so the flowerhead can continue to dry and then the loose relapsed seeds will be collected. Separate the seeds from any dried parts of the flower and store in paper for sowing the following year. 

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