Members guide to the best plant selections

Diggers has won more awards than any other garden company

We started our first Tomato Taste Test in 1992, with food legends Stephanie Alexander and Rita Erlich being two of 15 taste testers. They rated our heirloom tomatoes vastly better than any commercial varieties, whichcaused such a sensation that garden guru Kevin Heinz said of
our winning tomato ‘Tommy Toe’ that it was “the best he had eaten in 50 years!”
This led to winning four awards from food experts such as Melbourne Food and Wine, Vogue Living, Gourmet Traveller and The Age.
No other garden company goes to such trouble to ensure our seed varieties are the best. Following this success we searched for the best-tasting heirloom fruits, such as heirloom apples, pears, stone fruits, strawberries and cane fruits and listed them in our magazines.
Flower Selections
Heronswood looks its best during summer when the temperatures frequently reach over 30°C and we often have days over 40°C. Please do come and visit and see for yourself.
Most of the flowers proven in our gardens, being perennials, shrubs, climbers and trees, are grown specially for our Diggers members.
If you want to create a world-class garden, you can rely on us to source the best plants, which are often difficult to propagate, and list most of them in one of our seasonal magazines.
Less than 10% of our plants are offered in nurseries or warehouses, so please buy them from our four retail shops, online or in our mail order magazine. Below is some of our finest Diggers selections.

Amazon Lily


Solanum wendlandii

Blue Himalayan Poppy

Pear ‘Conference’

Peach ‘ANZAC’


"This Goes With That"

Clive Blazey explains how to create art by planting summer perennial flower combinations.

5 Common Plants to Avoid

Clive Blazey says that we should avoid "Common" plants when designing a garden. These are his top 5 plants to avoid.

An Alternative to Natives

Clive Blazey talks about evergreen perennials in this extract from 'There Is No Excuse For Ugliness'

Coastal Gardens

Clive Blazey explains which drought-tolerant plants cope in salty, windswept conditions

Creating a Beautiful Flower Garden

Clive Blazey explains the basic do’s and don’ts of flower gardening to help you succeed

Cutting summer perennials

Clive Blazey explains how to get twice as many flowers from the same perennials

Gardening In The Shade

Bill Bampton discusses creating a shade garden

Ground Covers

Clive Blazey explains how to smother the weeds and cool your garden effortlessly

Planting Combinations

Bill Bampton talks about using subtle, permanent perennials to create pleasing summer gardens

Plants For Our El Nino Summers

Marcus Ryan explores an exquisite Mediterranean garden and nursery in the south of France

Q&A - Bulbs

Julian Blackhirst answers our readers' questions on planting and lifting bulbs

Q&A - Man-made Gardens

Clive Blazey asks Cloudehill owner Jeremy Francis about man-made gardens

Returning to a wilder garden

Bill Bampton explains how returning to nature affects our gardening tastes

Reviving the cottage garden

Cottage plants were the purest forms of flowers before modern bedding plants took over

Soft Succulents For Summer Gardens

Clive Blazey introduces a child friendly, cool summer garden

Successful flower gardening

Clive explains the principles of “This goes with that”

Summer Success with Perennials

Simon Rickard explains how to succeed with perennials and grasses in summer and why spring-focused gardens invariably disappoint

Sweet Peas

Tim Sansom explains how to provide the heavenly scent of Sweet Peas for 9 months of the year

The Persian Rose

Marcus Ryan visits Shropshire to explore the creation of new roses from the desert

Why are Australian summer gardens so disappointing?

Clive Blazey explains the Australian flower summer garden

Wildflower Meadow in the CBD

Evette Jungwirth tells the story of the huge, direct sown flower meadow at Birrarung Marr

Winter Gardens as Exciting as Summer

Simon Rickard discusses how to avoid the dead look of winter gardens
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Bright, violet-blue flowers, each with a white central eye, adorn this cranesbill for months on end. Delicate, red veins radiate outward into each petal. Come early spring, beautiful lobed foliage emerges, forming a neat, low mound. Flowers are soon produced and will extend throughout autumn after a light trim in summer. A perfect choice for pla...
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This rare climber just loves the heat. Huge frilly heads of lavender flowers cover it for five months and are dramatically framed by glossy leaves. Plant beside a north-facing wall in the south where it's deciduous. Evergreen in the subtropics.
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2yr membership + FREE garlic
2yr membership + FREE garlic
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Get a free bag of Early Purple garlic, valued at $10.95. This is a great way to save and start growing your own delicious garlic. Available whilst stocks last.
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