Due to extreme weather conditions and power outages, The Garden of St Erth & Cloudehill gardens are closed until further notice. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Due to extreme weather conditions and power outages, The Garden of St Erth & Cloudehill gardens are closed until further notice. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Wildflower Meadow

One of our biggest aims at Diggers is to ensure that gardeners succeed.

Wildflowers in the City

Gardeners are surrounded by plants and the cycles of nature. We understand that pollinators are essential to our food and eco-systems and that the right flower in bloom creates incredible joy. Yet somehow these essentials have often been overlooked in the development and maintenance of our urban areas. Diggers is delighted to see this changing and to be involved in a new wildflower project at University Square near Melbourne University. 

Long term Diggers members may remember our work with the City of Melbourne to install a wildflower meadow at Birrarung Marr back in 2013. We were very pleased to hear from the Council again when their City Design Studio Team Leader contacted us earlier this year. They were looking to increase biodiversity in their revamped University Square public park near Melbourne University and an inner-city wildflower meadow seemed the perfect solution. 

The benefit of wildflowers
Low maintenance, low input and with very high aesthetic and habitat value, wildflower meadows can be as big or small as space permits and of great benefit to your surrounding plantings. In this University Square project, the Diggers wildflower beds are in two separate runs, bordering a native woody meadow. Featuring cornflowers, Californian poppies, corn cockles and many other varieties that will continue to come and go throughout summer, the meadow is attracting visitors of all kinds – from camera wielding humans, to an absolute abundance of bees, ladybirds and other beneficial insects, invaluable to pest management and reducing the need for chemical sprays.

One of our biggest aims at Diggers is to ensure that gardeners succeed. We were so intent on seeing the inner city burst with wildflowers that we sent our Heronswood garden team up for the bed preparation and sowing back in August. They worked with the City Design Studio team for a day to prepare the beds and direct sow the mix. With any meadow planting, weed management is critical so good preparation was essential. All beds were sown using Diggers “S” shaped drills to make it easier to stay on top of weeds during germination and plant growth.

The meadow will be at its peak from mid-December, so head down if you’re in the city and seeking some relief from the concrete for this seasonal reminder of the resilience and brilliance of nature.

Our thanks to the City Design Studio at the City of Melbourne and to Melbourne University, as well as our own project team, for bringing more open green space and a special patch of wildness to the heart of the city.

Plant your own wildflower meadow

The University Square varieties were selected by the City Design team based on our Wildflower Meadow Mix and some additional varieties.  Diggers is always developing new mixes that will work in unison for growing conditions, flowering times, heights and aesthetics. Try our simple wildflower collections like  Wildflower Meadow Mix and Wildflowers for Bees or create your own by experimenting with some of our wildflower seeds.


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