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Question about your order? See our COVID 19 Update here. Online orders are currently only open to members only. Orders are taking up to 3 weeks to despatch based on current reduced-workplace COVID restrictions.

Meeting gardeners around Australia

Clive Blazey shares the 40th anniversary celebrations of  The Diggers Club

With the launch of our Best Garden Ideas book in 2018, we travelled the country meeting many Diggers members as well as enthusiastic gardeners, botanic gardens staff and Gardening Australia presenters.
Blooming Tasmania — We started the tour to coincide with Blooming Tasmania’s spring festival, which just happened to be at the same time as the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens was celebrating its 200th birthday. When you think about it, 200 years of gardening in Hobart is an immense amount of time. Most of England’s finest gardens that we visit today were created much more recently. On the way back from Hobart, we met the Governor of Tasmania, Prof. Kate Warner, who was opening the event and also came to our book launch. We caught up with Peter Cundall, who was fighting fit
and still continuing his radio program. Before returning home we spent a few days at Cradle Mountain for a six-hour walk whilst its biggest peaks were still covered in snow.
Brisbane Tomato Festival — The Mt Coot-tha Botanic Gardens has not only set up a Kitchen Garden but incorporated a kitchen nearby, so we joined Kevin Redd, a cook/gardener, and Arno King for this inaugural event. Being in Brisbane offered a wonderful opportunity to visit New Caledonia where, on the Ile de Pins, we could walk through a forest of Cook’s Gondwana Pines.
Adelaide Botanic Garden — Apart from our book launch in the gardens, we were invited to give a talk to the garden staff of the Botanic Gardens. Our relationship with the gardens goes back to the days when I met Nigel Turner, the garden supervisor, and we became firm friends, beginning my education about gardening in the driest state and choosing the toughest plants for trial and selection. One of our members, Mrs Kammerman, who was gardening in a virtual desert in SA, had chastised us for talking about growing Blue Himalayan Poppies when, at the time she wrote, it was 46°C on her kitchen table!
The Calyx at Sydney Botanic Gardens — A wonderful way to finish our national book tour! Always inspiring, the gardens continue to evolve and thrilled us with their stunning wildflower displays.
As a special treat to cap off a year of celebrations, Gardening Australia held their 30th birthday at Heronswood. When Gardening Australia first began, I went to the launch at the Sydney Botanic Gardens. Peter Cundall was in full flight and Diggers has supported the first, and almost every issue of the magazine since, for 350 issues. We value our friendships with Josh and Sophie, Jane, Costa, Jeremy and more lately, Millie and Tino. We are all passionate about growing food from heirloom seeds whilst treading this earth lightly.


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