Interview with Clive and Penny Blazey


Presented by: Claire Reynolds and Lou Lorback
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Interview with Clive and Penny Blazey with Ryan Garratt special guest

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Ryan Garratt

Ryan Garratt is employed in a combined role as Education Lead for The Diggers Club and as Garden Curator at Buda, Historic House and Garden, in Castlemaine. 

Ryan has a wealth of horticultural knowledge combining 25 years of nursery and garden industry experience, including roles as Retail manager, Nursery Production Manager, Garden curator and Garden Educator. 

Growing up in Castlemaine, Ryan has a deep understanding of the ecology of Castlemaine, its plants, soils, and growing conditions.

Clive Blazey AM

“ It is estimated that, in the last 200 years, Homo sapiens have cut down about 3 trillion trees. That’s an average of 375 trees for every person currently on the planet. It’s an alarming reality but, now that our government has finally committed to solving climate change, we gardeners can lead the country in bringing carbon down to earth – by planting trees.

We are doing our bit at the Blazey Arboretum, where another 1,200 trees are being planted alongside the ancient river red gums – sequoia, ginkgo, swamp cypress, oak, kauri and bunya pine, in all, about 40 different species. We encourage gardeners everywhere to join us.”

Tree selection is the most important decision a gardener makes when planning for the future and our latest book can help you plant the right trees for your particular needs. In this, his eighth book, Clive Blazey recommends 100 different species – trees with a huge capacity for carbon storage (like swamp cypress and Californian redwood); the best shade trees to cool your soil, retain moisture and resist bushfires; the best choices for small gardens; rainforest trees resistant to climate change; the best flowering trees; fruit and nut tree selections – and includes comprehensive notes for garden success in all states.”