Meet our contributors and presenters

The Diggers Club is fortunate to have many experienced gardeners to help guide us along our gardening journeys by contributing to our magazines & media and presenting our workshops & events - meet them here!


Andrew Laidlaw

Andrew is Landscape Architect at the Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne (responsible for the design and implementation of numerous landscape projects). a Director of The Diggers Club Board, and the principal Designer for the Global Gardens of Peace project.

Clive Blazey

Clive is the founder of The Diggers Club, a pioneer in the rescue of heirloom vegetable and fruit varieties and author of seven books on flower, vegetable and fruit gardening.

Ian Tolley

Ian is an internationally regarded world leader in his field and has been sharing his vast, invaluable citrus knowledge with Diggers for decades - something all Diggers members and citrus growers can benefit from.

Jac Semmler

Jac (Jacqueline) Semmler is the Seed Manager of the Diggers Club, qualified horticulturalist and educator.

Jamie Alcock

CNP specialist, IPPS member and trade certificate qualified nurseryman with over 25 years experience, Jamie is Diggers Nursery Production Manager

Jeremy Francis

Jeremy is the owner, creator and driving force behind the spectacular gardens at Cloudehill in Olinda.

Julian Blackhirst

Julian is an experienced market gardener and the head gardener at The Garden of St Erth, where he is curator of the espalier orchard, the food forest, the bulb meadows and much more.

Julie Willis

Julie is our Horticultural Advisor, bringing her UK qualifications, Australian experience and knowledge of plants for all climates and situations to Diggers, where she presents workshops, develops fact sheets and gives gardening advice to members.

Lisa Remato

Lisa has been a dedicated part of The Diggers Club for over 25 years, helping to develop and create the business as it is today. Our Former CEO, Lisa is a passionate gardener who loves working with kids and enjoys the wonders of the outdoors.

Marcelle Swanson

Marcelle is a sustainable farmer, gardener and horticultural writer. After graduating with a Bachelor of Applied Science (Horticulture) from Burnley, she worked in print, TV, web and published 3 books before joining The Diggers Club as Publishing Manager.

Penny Woodward

Penny is a passionate organic gardener and expert writer. She writes for ABC Organic Gardener magazine, is a regular panellist on 3CR community radio and has written seven excellent books on edible plants including Herbs for Australian Gardens.

Phil Rowe

Phil from Sunny Creek Berries is an expert on all things berry - raspberries, currants, cane berries and blueberries, plus planting, growing, soil preparation, irrigation, pruning and much more.

Robyn Fox

Robyn Fox is Heronswood's kitchen gardener and a qualified chef who is passionate about organically grown heirlooms.
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