All About Tomatoes

All About Tomatoes

and potatoes, peppers and other relatives


After 18 years of trialling hundreds of heirloom tomatoes, Clive Blazey provides detailed portraits of over sixty heirloom tomatoes and twenty heirloom potatoes, peppers, eggplants and other edible solanums.

Providing taste test results, pruning trials and grafted tomato comparisons, he exposes many myths for the first time. Comparing heirlooms with hybrids for yield, flavour and length of harvest, this is the most comprehensive growing guide for gardeners and chefs in Australia.

When you buy supermarket hybrids you are effectively voting for commercial agriculture, synthetic chemicals and huge CO2 pollution. By displacing home grown tomatoes with hybrids we have lost ownership and control of our seeds.

It is all explained in All About Tomatoes.

“Most tomatoes that we eat today are not fresh, delicious and fragrant heirlooms we grow at home, but highly processed tomatoes from a totally industrialised food system” says Clive Blazey

With simple step by step instructions to ensure you succeed, this little book is a big step towards restoring our faith in the food we eat. There is democracy in the choice of seeds we plant.

Over 60 heirloom tomatoes are described and photographed,  plus potatoes, peppers, eggplants and other edible solanums.  

  • 80 pages including a Sow What When poster in the jacket.
  • Hardcover (15.5 x 21.5cm A5 size)

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